Saturday, June 17, 2017

Download - Live Stream Player 4.31-160 Pro APK

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It's a fantastic app, because it's not the bummer of you downloading that "old list" and that the channels end up not working. It is a different application and this is what makes it amazing, because you only have to search for simple channel names or numeric codes there and it will show the list of users who have placed channels in HD or SD qualities.

You already have an idea of how this application works, let's practice:

  When you open the application, it will be in English, enter your Facebook account (login), only you have the chance to save your favorite channel. Then go to the search tab, enter the name of any desired channel or numeric code that automatically redirects the channel list of some user. Over time you will have full control over the application because it has a very simplified system.

This app will not be available in the Play Store and then I'll leave the download link directly for you to enjoy. If you have an error, such as Live Stream Player crashing, it is because the phone does not support the live version or channel that is available (it is having limitations on your connection). Just download a top/bottom version or access another live/channel.

ATTENTION! To not open the advertisements, do not connect with your facebook account, as it will open the Facebook ads files inside the apk. You'd better create an account of the application itself.

Folks! Channels that end up closing are not a problem in the application, but some users who create the list of channels that only play for 30 seconds.

New Version fixes
* Channel thumbnails in the search tray, after watching
* Improved channel streaming
* Compatibility with Chromecast
* Updating and removing network overcrowding

Latest Version

 Live Stream Player Pro v4.31-160📥

Live Stream Player Pro APK file – [DOWNLOAD]
Previous Versions
Version 4.12
Version 4.11
Version 4.10
Version 4.05
Version 4.0
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